Always a fun question to be asked. Well here is what happened on the road.

Riley was driving south along the motorway back from Oamaru, he was passing a couple of cars in a passing line, he was driving carefully and correctly according to all the reports.

Mr Limin Ma (a Chinese tourist on holiday) was driving north along the same motorway, he saw there was a layby (rest area) and decided to stop and have a look at the ocean.

He slowed down, indicated and turned into the layby.

Halfway through he was very surprise to have a motorbike that he hadn’t seen hit the front left side of his car. (Riley didn’t die at this point. More to come later)

He didn’t see Riley or the three cars behind him. That’s all anyone can tell me. He didn’t see Riley. Riley who was riding a white motorbike, with white and black gear, a modified light to be brighter, it was a lovely day, it was a straight road and the sun was not in his eyes.

How does this even happen? And out of everything in the situation this “He didn’t see Riley” is the thing that annoys me more than anything else. I would probably feel better if Mr Ma actually had a legitimate excuse but he doesn’t.


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