Today would have been Riley’s 27th birthday. 27 years old and still a nerd.

It’s strange realising now it’s just a normal day (although not really because I’m going to Australia Zoo today and will be playing with otters) but really. He won’t wake up and bound out of bed, we won’t go to my parents for dinner and have mac and cheese (his favourite) and he won’t sit round with all of my family watching him and opening the presents I/we bought him. (I’m a great gift giver and my stepdad always made him fudge)

I used to make fun of his age, his side burns made that easy. I would tell people he was 28 and then each time someone believed me it would go up a year. The oldest I managed to convince someone was that he was 35. I have never been prouder of my con skills then in that moment. Of course he wouldn’t care, he would just laugh and shake his head. Once he had to get out his birth certificate to prove to one of my workmates that I was lying because she seriously did not believe him. (He had his birth certificate because he lost all of his I.D when he accidentally threw out his wallet… I don’t know either)

He wasn’t afraid of getting old like I am. It was just a part of life. We live and then we died. I suspect he thought there would be a couple more years at least before the dying bit would happen but I know that he went to the grave with very few regrets.

He did the things he loved, he said the things he thought and he did not give a shit if he didn’t want too.

We should all be more like Riley, seize the day, make it your own and if you fuck up so be it but don’t be the passenger in the car that is your life. Where ever he is, he’s riding his motorbike, taking photos, drinking rum and surround by a multitude of animals.


Happy Birthday darling xx




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