My workmates. Never have I met such an amazing bunch of people.

From the get go they have been awesome. When I messaged my supervisor saying Riley was in hospital, he told me to take as much time off as I needed (this is back when there was a chance Riley would survive)

A couple of my workmates organised food to be delivered into the hospital for Riley’s and I’s family while we waited. They organised flowers to be sent to my home and flowers for my desk for when I got back. A lot of money was donated into the give-a-little from my workmates. But it didn’t stop after the hospital bit was over.

People started dropping off pre-made meals for me to just reheat on the days when cooking was too much (which is most days really)

I could randomly walking into any room at work and just demand a hug and receive multiple with no questions asked.

A bunch of my workmates came to the funeral, they barely knew Riley, they had met him once maybe twice but they knew how much he meant to me so they made the effort.

The people picking up the slack (this is funny because Slack is a program we use for communication at the office, DO YOU GET IT?) while I was away making my life that little bit easier for when I got back to work and then making sure I had enough work to keep me busy but not too much that I would feel overwhelmed.

Or when they saw me crying on the stairs at work, they would pat me on the head and leave me too it cos they knew I didn’t want company but they wanted to show me that they would help if I needed it.

Our CEO let us have a dress up day for Halloween for my amusement.

All of the offers of going for walks and dealing with my ranting or fine with me just being absolutely silent.

Everyone very politely ignoring me when I fall asleep in the lunch room except to get me a blanket from the cupboard.

The list goes on and on!

A couple of examples of the people that helped!

Firstly, his name shall be Alex, who has become a very good friend of mine through all of this (don’t tell him though, it will go straight to his head) Now Alex has had to deal with an amazing amount of shit that I threw at him (Not literal shit) He helped me every single step of the way from the funeral, hanging with me randomly and playing shooty games so I could take out my anger on something, turning up to court and making me giggle (not appropriate but helpful) reminding me that I should not deal with the negative people when I’m already going through hell and always saying the completely wrong things for the situation to make me laugh.

Secondly, her name is Allanah. She lives in Australia and is by far my favourite workmate and friend (Sorry Alex) Now there’s not much moral support you can give from a different country but she makes it work. Randomly and sporadically I receive gifs of cute animals (mostly otters and kittens), funny quotes and interesting articles to cheer me up. She tells me she is proud of me (which really does help) and makes me laugh with the silly things she does (I got a snapchat from her mum which was a photo of her just lying on the floor noping out) I can honestly say it was the best picture I have seen in a long time.

Thirdly, Joel put on my Cinderella dress for my amusement. The partner of my supervisor (Eric) wanted him to put it on for his amusement and my supervisor John said he would wear it if Eric put it on. Eric was a spoilsport and said that was not going to happen. Then Joel piped in saying that he would totally wear it. Well I totally called his bluff on it and had a spare dress. Ten minutes later I was out of the dress and lacing Joel into it. (If I can convince him to let me I shall add the photo at the end) I have to say he did look quite dashing in it. (Apart from the copious amount of chest hair)

But then there is the help of the workmates you don’t expect. I got home from work one night (3 nights after the funeral) at like 9pm and got a notification that Berlioz was out by Columba College (which is about 4kms away from my house.) I had to go get him before he went any further. I got a taxi there and spent about an hour running around after him in the Superman dressing gown, shaking a bag of cat treats and calling him obscene names (Crazy cat lady here for sure) When I finally caught him I realised he was NOT going to let me walk home with him like that as he tried to maul my face every time a car went past. I put out a message on Facebook and the second in charge of the company (Shane) asked if I needed a hand. He drove out in the middle of the night to pick up Berlioz and I and drove us home. (With Berlioz meowing indignantly every 10 seconds from his perch on the back seat.) I still get a bit of shit from the other workmates that I got the second in charge to be my taxi driver.

The morals of these stories.

  • It’s sometimes the people that you don’t expect that are the most helpful.
  • Even the smallest of gestures can help so much.
  • Everyone rallies to your side when your life is shit, no matter what.
  • Use these people, its hard asking for help but trust me, they want to and you need it

To all my workmates, thank you, thank you so much. You are amazing, I am so incredibly grateful for each and every single one of you and there is no way I would have made it this far without you. “You are the real MVP”


Joel being a princess and looking almost as good as me in it. . . 


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