To Julie and all those other struggling with the complex that they are the only ones who grieve.

You have decided to take the estate money for yourself. After keeping up the face that we would split it equally. We appealed to your better nature but apparently you don’t have one. The lawyers (known for being heartless people) think you are wrong but still you persisted and have kept it. By the sounds of it, you won. You have that money.

A couple of things you will need to know.

That money will not make you happy, it will not mend the hole in your heart, it will not bring him home and it will not make the pain go away. Not only that but you have pushed away the people who actually tried to help in every way they could.

You have not just taken from myself and Sarah but you have also have taken from Riley’s brother, his niece, nephews and his adopted mother-in-law. You have personally shat on every person he loved.

You are evil but also you are pathetic. For all you have done is try to profit off your son’s death. You have made no attempt to help pay for anything (funeral, Riley’s rent money, the memorial, etc) but want everything in return.

Finally, you lost a son I understand that but at least you had someone to go home to at night. You didn’t have to sit by yourself alone at 5am looking out the window hating everyone (including yourself), you didn’t have to face everything alone and you had someone to hug you when you needed. I did not. I have lost the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. And while I was in the lowest point of my life, you have kicked me. I hope you’re proud of yourself because I know Riley will not be.

So Julie, I do have one last thing to say to you, and that’s; “When I get to heaven and I see Riley again, I will be able to look him in the eye. He will say “Amy I am so proud of how well you handled everything” But what will he say to you? He will say, “You maybe my mother but you shat on everyone that I loved and made their lives difficult when they were already going through hell.” Does that make you feel good, knowing that?

Cherish that money Julie. It’s all you have left.


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