I need a pick-me-up and something easy to get back into the swing of things. I’m very unwell and so is Matt so day to day tasks have been a challenge. (Hence not writing for quite some time)

It’s been a hell of a week. We are babysitting a kitten for 2 months and Berlioz is having some trouble adjusting. It’s been amazing weather so we have done gardening plus I edited some photos I had been putting off for a while. But again, today I needed a pick me up so today I want to tell you how I knew, how I felt, how I noticed that I had fallen in love.

Riley and I had been sharing a life for a couple of a days, maybe a week when we had a night off together from work. (Working night shift meant dates were a breakfast or night date)

He suggested we bike to the beach and take photos in the moonlight. It was chilly and very dark. I remember texting my friend and telling her the plan and to get worried if I didn’t give her updates.

We arrived at the beach not long after nine pm. Sliding down the sand dunes and trying not to fall over. Riley started setting up his tripod while I held the lantern. (He was perfectly capable at doing all of this by himself but I guess he just wanted to make me feel like I was helping. He started telling me all about the camera, different settings. I watched as his eyes lit up and he became so much more animated then I had ever seen him at work. He told me funny jokes to go along with his teachings and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I didn’t actually know what he was talking about. I just listened as he spoke. I cuddled up close so I could see the back of the camera while he was setting up a shot. He clicked the shutter and gave me a kiss. I was so giddy.

It was dark, windy, cold and scary but I felt so protected and safe. It was very romantic as well. The waves rushing in, the moonlight, cuddling for warmth and the stars.

Each shutter click was 30 seconds to get the most amount of light possible. He would click the shutter and then give me a kiss. It was perfect. Turns out those photos didn’t turn out very well, too much light from the esplanade down the end or something but while the photos didn’t come out right, I came away with a new sense of admiration for Riley, his hobby that he cared so much for and also I fell in love.

I can’t tell if it was the light in his eyes, the grin he gave me or the absolute feeling of being totally protected that made me fall in love. Probably, it was all of it.

But the moment I knew he was in love with me? It was after he had told me but still in the period where things were knew and so I wasn’t quite sure if he did. We were at work and one of the other girls asked him about me (thinking I was on break I presume) And that’s when I knew he loved me. Because when he started talking about me? His eyes lit up just as they did when he talked about his camera. (Some of you might not understand just how much that is but for him to love me as much as a camera in the first week or so of being with me? That means the world to me.)


Truly in love.


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