Q&A with a man dating a widow.

I think you accuse me of taking the covers too often. It only happens at your house. That’s fishy.


Depression and Grief.

It’s not something really discussed is it? The big D word. DEPRESSION. The sleepless nights, the not eating, the binge eating, wanting to die, etc. The symptoms of depression are surprisingly similar to the side effects of grief. But really not actually that surprising due to the fact that this is a horrific thing to…

The power of guilt.

I have a resounding amount of guilt about the fact I couldn’t save him, like I should have had the knowledge to know what to do when someone has had a stroke, like I should have the powers to know what was going to happen.

Suggestions on how to help!

Get ready to see a whole lot of pain, anger, and distress. They will cry, they will lash out, they will spend days in bed. Be prepared with tissues, chocolate, cuddles, tea (other hot drinks) etc. but let them have their alone time as well.